Puglia Holidays - A guide to Puglia

Stunning Scenery, amazing culture and gorgeous wine are all part of your holidays in Puglia

Puglia offers food for the soul, it offers art, history and culture, not to mention the food which will tantalise your taste buds , with culinary master classes and restaurants aplenty; it offers a holiday of a lifetime that will be imprinted on your memory for many years to come.

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One of the reasons for the diversity you'll find in Puglia is down to it being fought over by so many for so long. Many years of invasion and conquering by the Romans, Greeks, Spanish and Normans has left the fingerprints of all those influences throughout the area, from the Norman castles and churches, to the Baroque architecture in Lecce make sure you take your camera with you as you will be sure to capture some stunning examples of the varied styles in Puglia.


From the Gargano coast in the north of Puglia and the beautiful capital Bari, down to Santa Maria di Leuca and the Salentine Peninsula in the south you won't want to miss a single bit.  

holidays in pugliaOn your way you will meet friendly locals who can't wait to share with you the secrets of their special part of Puglia, you'll eat at restaurants that serve the best the Med has to offer in outstanding cuisine, sampling the native wines, mozzarellas and olive oils, all of which are particularly special in this area and are part of the makeup of your Puglia Holidays.

You'll experience everything you could want from a holiday destination and much more. 

puglia holidaysBut what about the beaches I hear you ask!

No holiday destination is complete without beaches to relax on and crystal clear sea to swim in. Puglia really does have it all, so if a beach is essential for your holiday in Puglia you won't be disappointed.  

Take a trip to the many informal beaches and coves around the Otranto area, where on a clear day you can see across to Albania. The shallow and more child friendly beach in Pescoluse is perfect for that family trip to the beach.  


The Tremiti Islands are definitely worth a visit with some great diving areas with some stunning sea caves to explore. Waterproof cameras are a must! All the way down the coast of Puglia you will discover beautiful sandy beaches, rocky inlets and clear clean seas to explore, you will not be disappointed.


A holiday in Puglia holds great hope and expectation and the more of it you get to know the larger the piece of your heart you will leave behind. Visit Puglia for exploring and adventure, for sea, sun and sand, and beautiful food and culture all just waiting to be discovered.

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