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Whether you are looking for a romantic countryside retreat where your own personal butler can wait hand on foot, or if you prefer that beachfront villa with its sparkling infinity pool where you can wind away the hours as you sip champagne, we at Dream Villas Italy are here to help.


sardinia.jpgOur growing portfolio of holiday rentals Italy ensures we have something for everyone, though remember we only supply properties that meet our strict levels of quality and can be truly classed Dream.


Italy is such a magical destination and has so much to offer, Italy revolves around food and wine and the culture optimises this with long lazy lunches and fantastic evening entertainment.  To make the most of your Italian holiday rental you must embrace this culture and welcome the locals into your heart.

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Italy is a place of class and distinction, there is so much to do and see that you will wish your holiday not to end.  At Dream Villas Italy we specialise in providing the highest quality Villas in Italy possible.

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A stunning selection of Puglia Villas & Trullo's

Puglia may well be the best kept secret in Italy.  Whilst it may be less known than some other resorts such as Tuscany, Lazio or Sardina, experiencing Puglia is something that should be on everyone's 'must do' list.  

Puglia isn't your average holiday destination, there really isn't anything average about Puglia, it's a melting pot of experience, sights, sounds, smells and tastes. There is something about Puglia that will fill your senses and tempt you back time and again. With short flights to Bari or Brindisi Puglia is very accesible, and if you have the time, why not get a train here you could be here in 24 hours and see some of the stunning Italian countryside along the way.

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Taranto is situated in the Apulia province of Puglia, in south-eastern Italy. It is the chief town of the province and an important maritime base, located at the northern end of the vast gulf from which it takes its name. The oldest part of the city lies on an island with the more recent development on a peninsula (which separates the drainage areas of 'Great Sea' and 'Little Sea'. The two parts are connected by two bridges.

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The Province of Bari is among the largest and most populated in Italy. it occupies the central part of the Apulia region, and was called before the unity of Italy "Terra di Bari". Apart from the plain area around the city of Bari, the territory is mainly high hills, called "murge", partly ioccupied by the recently established National Park of Alta Murgia.

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The small village of Alberobello is known worldwide for its famous 'Trulli', typical stone houses with roofs in an inverted cone. Since 1996, these homes are recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the large flow of tourists every year is intensified to the point of becoming one of the most popular area for those who decide to spend a holiday in Puglia.

Alberobello railway station with regular trains to Bari and neighboring municipalities. Weekly markets: Monopoly Tuesday, Wednesday Martina Franca, Alberobello Thursday, Friday Locorotondo.

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The territory goes from the southern Murge hills to the Messapian plain, which was once covered by marshes, and was always a border area between Roman Apulia and the greek-influenced Salentina peninsula. The very long coastline - over 80 km - is characterized by a great number of small bays alternating to sandy or rocky beaches, which make it a paradise for tourists. The main cultivations are olive trees and vineyards, whose production is of high quality and renowned all over Italy and beyond, as well as artichokes, tomatoes and watermelons.